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Holistic Health


Dr. Chrisman develops personalized plans for a wide variety of complaints, from back pain to weight loss. His goal is to help you reach optimal, vibrant health expression, and not just relief of symptoms. He does this through a combination of chiropractic adjustment, clinical kinesiology & muscle testing, and functional nutrition. 

His goal for each patient is to find a conservative, non-medical answer for their problems. He aims to help patients avoid surgery and eliminate the need for medications and medical intervention. Dr. Chrisman isn’t trying to treat or cure diseases but to put the body in a position to heal itself. 



Using clinical kinesiology, muscle testing guides Dr. Chrisman and is done to discover and prioritize your specific needs as a patient.

Other tools are used based on the testing include:

  • Low-force chiropractic adjustments
  • Acupressure & meridian therapy
  • Nutrition
  • Lab testing
  • Imaging


You may have questions about Dr. Chrisman’s approach to wellness. Please click on the Frequently Asked Questions button below for more answers. If you would like additional info, please contact the office to schedule a free 15-minute consultation.


Frequently Asked Questions