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Chiropractic Adjustment


Dr. Chrisman is well-versed in many traditional chiropractic adjusting techniques as well as cutting-edge spinal correction, low-force adjustments  which involve non-cracking, gentle, slow movements.

This makes care at Dallas Whole Health versatile and responsive to patients’ individual preferences and concerns. Whether an infant, injured or infirm, pregnant, aged and fragile, or a top Olympic athlete, there is something here for you.



Chiropractic adjustments and related physical modalities realign the spine and joints to eliminate nerve interference on a structural level. The same nerve group going to the pain in your low back or neck could also be adversely affecting your heart, lungs, intestines, or reproductive organs. Just one chiropractic adjustment can make a radical change in the function of the body, reduce pain, and even restore organ function, but if you then devote yourself to correcting the interference on a more permanent basis and make chiropractic maintenance a lifestyle and not just a “get out of jail card”, you will not only get out of pain and dis-ease, but you will achieve a high level of performance in all areas of your life.



The field of chiropractic has been around since the late 1800s and was discovered by Dr. D.D. Palmer in Davenport, Iowa upon restoring hearing to a janitor named Harvey Lillard in his office building. Lillard had been almost deaf for 17 years because of an incident where he was bent over doing work and felt a loud, painful pop in his back. On examination, Dr. Palmer found a misalignment in Lillard’s spine that he postulated was interfering with the flow of nerves involving his hearing. He adjusted his spine with a specific maneuver that restored the proper alignment and movement of the bone, and the nerve was freed to begin healing itself and functioning again. Within a few days Harvey Lillard’s hearing was restored, and the chiropractic profession was born.



While the bone on nerve phenomenon is simplistic and only one piece of the puzzle, it renders the idea that interference is one of the main factors affecting the function of our body. We are each an amazing and complex self-healing organism with many systems. Interference with the proper processing of these systems decreases our adaptive ability and day to day function, and, as a result, healing and repair are adversely affected. Although the body is equipped to heal itself from many things, it’s better at adapting than it is at healing. It learns from injuries and illnesses and we adapt to all sorts of things: structural misalignments, traumas, old infections, negative stressful experiences, and toxins are just a few. The problem is that our body is able to adapt to only so many problems before the interference accumulates and overcomes us, and we begin expressing symptoms of pain, dis-ease, and dysfunction that decrease our health. This can start as early as the birth process, so that, by the time people reach their 20s or 30s (and sometimes much sooner), they already have a significant amount of interference that sets them up for potential future health problems. The good news is that everyone can benefit from this type of healthcare. Our goal is to remove the interference, whatever the source, and the body will heal itself. You’re never too old or too sick to start.


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