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About Dr. Tim Chrisman

Dr. Tim Chrisman holds a Doctor of Chiropractic degree and is a 2004 graduate of Parker University in Dallas. He has devoted his professional life to learning as much as he can about functional healthcare to better serve his patients.




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To understand what drives me, let me share my personal experience growing up. I was born and raised in Decatur, Illinois, a happy, bubbly child to two very sick parents. Experiencing their illnesses and untimely passings in-person shaped my view of health in the most profound way.

At age 11, my father was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes and lived until his 31st year. He died in a coma with a combination of kidney transplant rejection, stroke and many other complications. My mother was left with two small children, a broken heart, and no real education to fall back on. Her diagnosis of breast carcinoma came a year after dad’s death and she lived until age 38 with metastatic disease.

Growing up, I was the runny-nosed kid in school who always had a sinus infection and a cough. By my sophomore year in high school, I had to go to the nurse every month to monitor my blood pressure because it was unusually high for my age. By the time I was in graduate school working on a master’s degree in piano, I developed asthma, anxiety, back and neck pain with nerve impingement. It became so problematic that I developed motor control issues in my right hand, which affected my piano playing.

This development motivated me to search for a solution.   Over a two-year period, I tried everything from physical therapy to acupuncture, but chiropractic was the crucial element that addressed the underlying causes of my health issues. My health improved in such a significant way that I myself decided to become a chiropractor so that I could share with others the life-changing gift that I had received.

After years of struggling, I am proud to say that I am whole again after making substantial changes in the way I deal with my health. Every day I am aware of the potential of disease to rip our families apart and ruin our lives. I knew early in life that if I was going to be healthy, it was going to be by my own efforts, not by chance, and certainly not by medicine.

My testimony speaks for itself. I’m in my 40s and now enjoy the health and youthful vigor that I didn’t have as that sick little kid back in Illinois. This has been a journey that I aim to pass on to all my patients. Nothing makes me happier than to see lives transformed!

Dr. Tim Chrisman
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